Why Us

NCBA Loop is a fully digital banking service that helps you manage your money better anytime, anywhere. It looks to put financial control back into your hand, quite literally by offering a full banking service delivered through mobile (Android & IOS) and web experience. With Loop, you can make payments to mobile money or to a bank. You can pay bills or pay merchants through Pay Bill, Till or with your Loop card. All this as you track and analyze your spending patterns so you can make better financial decisions. You can also borrow, invest or set up goals to help you achieve your short and even long-term aspirations. In addition to the delightful user experience, the Loop Stores that are strategically situated, provide a captivating yet functional retail experience.

Open Account

You can open your NCBA Loop account today from anywhere and at any time. Simply

  • Download NCBA Loop App on Google Play store or IOS App Store or register here
  • Collect your NCBA Loop debit card from any of our swanky Loop stores.
  • Load money into your NCBA Loop account and enjoy the convenience of banking anywhere, anytime.

Load Money

Here’s how to load money into Loop:

    1. Via the Loop PayBill Number 714777.
    2. Get a fellow Looper to ‘loop’ you free of charge with the Loop to Loop option.
    3. Transfer from any other bank directly into your Loop Account via Pesalink, EFT or RTGS.
    4. Make a Cash Deposit at any of our NCBA Branches or via our Cash Deposit Machines that are available at selected NCBA Branches.


  • You can either use a combination of your username and password or use the fingerprint recognition option to securely access your account.