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Got some extra money in your account? Set up a Loop Invest with as little as Kes.1000 and get competitive interest rates on your investment.

No matter where you are in life, you’ve got financial goals you want to achieve. Loop will help you achieve your dreams. Simply set up your various goals and track each of them as you go! When you set up a Loop goal, it will be visually presented to show your progress against your set targets.  To achieve your goal even faster, you can set up how often you would like to top up your Loop goal to weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.   

You can also Save towards your goals easily with the  52 Weeks Loop Goals Challenge. The Challenge enables you to save towards a goal over the course of 52 weeks. This year, we encourage you to save KES. 1,750 each week for a total of KES. 91,000 at the end of the challenge. For stress-free saving, set up an auto-debit from your account and we’ll take it up from there. Start saving for that car, dream house, wedding, or business today.

  • Save one constant amount, no calculations required

  • Create multiple goals with different targets, no limits

  • Set up a debit order for stress-free saving

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