Answers to Questions

  • Buy Goods

    • General Enquiries

      • Can I use a Lipa na MPESA till number to make a payment straight from my Loop Account with this option?

        Yes, you will be able to pay for goods and services easily and conveniently directly to various Tills without the need to transfer funds to Mobile Money first!

      • How much will it cost me to use the 'Buy Goods' feature to pay for my goods and services?

        Using the Buy Goods feature, you will only be charged for the cost of goods and services you purchase.

    • Buy Goods

      This is a service that allows Loopers to pay for goods and services easily and conveniently directly to various Tills without the need to transfer funds to Mobile Money first!
      To make payments to a Till:1. Go to the Payments Menu on the Home Page2. Select ‘Buy Goods’3. Enter the Transaction details as requested4. Verify your transaction details as summarised5. If you have set up use of a One Time Password (OTP) in your account management, confirm your payment by keying in the password received to authorise the transaction.6. Display screen will confirm your transaction was successful.

  • Debit Orders

    • General Enquiries

      • What is a Debit Order?

        A Debit Order is a regular payment instruction that you set on the CBA Loop app to allow the bank to transfer a certain amount of funds from your Loop account to a specific beneficiary’s account.

      • Is it possible to cancel a debit order?

        Yes. You can cancel your debit order by selecting the specific set debit order from the Debit Order list, then confirming to delete. From this menu, you can further edit/amend your Debit Order details.

      • What if my account balance is less than my debit order?

        Your Debit Order transaction will be unsuccessful and a notification will be sent to you informing you of the insufficient account balance. To avoid missed due dates and possible penalties from your biller, ensure your account balance is sufficient to cater for your Debit Order.

      • Will I receive notifications prior to my debit order being executed?

        Yes. We will send you a reminder notification 3 days prior to the debit order transfer.

  • Errors Explained

    • E200

      Hey there Looper! We failed to complete your request as your account has been inactive for a while. Keep transacting to stay active on Loop and continue enjoying the rewarding world of experience.  

    • E201

      Sorry! We were unable to complete your request possibly due to an account restriction. We look forward to engaging you with further details to help you continue enjoying the rewarding world of Loop. Keep it Loop!       

    • E300

      Oops! Your payment transfer request was not allowed because of a restriction on your account, insufficient funds or an ommission in your entries. Please try one more time.  

    • E301

      Oops! We failed to transfer funds into your recipient’s account because the account may be inactive, has a restriction or does not exist. Please verify then try again.    

    • E302

      Sorry! Your transaction request failed to go through possibly due to accounts inactivity, a restriction placed on your account or an omission in your entries. Please try again.       

    • E303

      Oops! We were unable to transfer funds from your account at this time due to account restriction, missing information or a wrong entry. Please check and try again.

    • E304

      Oops! The payment transfer was not allowed due to either a restriction placed on your account, inactivity or some missing information. We look forward to engaging you with more details to keep you looping.    

    • E305

      Sorry! Your transaction requests can not be completed for now as your account may have been inactive, has a transaction restriction or due to an ommission in your entries. Please check and try again.   

    • E306

      Your transaction was not completed because you did not provide your recipient’s account number or the account number provided does not exist. Please enter their account number, verify and try again.

    • E309

      Hey Looper! We failed to complete your transaction as the amount you entered contain special characters. Please enter an amount without decimals then try again.

    • E503

      Sorry, your details do not match the payment ID you provided. Please verify your details and re-set your Debit Order to enable us deliver your payments promptly and accurately.   

  • Favourites

    • Add a Favourite

      You will be able to add favourites whenever you perform “Send Money ‘ transactions by:

      1. Entering Favourite’s Identity Details2. Entering Favourite’s Account Information and confirm to have it done.
      From this menu, we will allow you to quickly make an amendment to an existing favourite or remove any person who is no longer in your inner circle of recipients                                                                                                                                              

  • General Enquiries

    • About Loop

      • What is Loop?

        Loop is CBA’s digital financial service designed for the mobile-first customer that seeks a more relevant banking experience. Loop will help you manage your money better right from your phone. No Fuss, no queues, no red tape. Change the way you bank and download the App from Google Play or App Store today! UnbankYourself.

      • Why should I choose loop?

        1. Loop looks to put financial control back into your hand, quite literally by offering a full banking service delivered through mobile (Android & IOS) and web experience.2. Loop will provide money management tools to better manage your payments, set up savings goals and investments, access loans, pay bills and many other services. 
        3. Loop becomes part of your lifestyle by analyzing your spending patterns and helping you understand your financial situation in a simple and informative way.  
        4. In addition to the delightful user experience, the Loop Stores that are strategically situated, provide a captivating yet functional retail experience.

      • Is it expensive?

        Not at all. There is no fee for maintaining a Loop account. However there may be basic but unbeatable costs associated with  send money transactions initiated on the app or that relate to withdrawals from ATMs among other requests.

      • How is Loop different from other banks?


        1. Unique User Interface that is
        appealing and refreshed.
        2. Registration process that is
        straight through and now shortened to allow you to change the way you bank
        much faster.
        3. A customer can open a bank account from their phone, no
        paperwork required.
        4. Simple navigation through out the
        App, we have applied a conversational approach to completing transactions per
        5. Dedicated outlets known as Loop
        Stores – that are uniquely built to appeal and service the millennial with
        warm/vibrant colors, no teller cubicles (customers will be served from a
        booth), a charging bay, WIFI, merchandise sales desk and a coffee station.
        The stores can also be transformed for social meet ups after hours.

    • Account Security Queries

      • Can you guarantee the security of my banking information?

        Yes. CBA Loop is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya and we are dedicated to offering you online fraud protection you can rely on. You are protected 100% against unauthorized online transactions and we trust you will play your part to keep your credentials and Loop information safe – see some tips on how to safeguard your information.

      • How can I help safeguard my information?

        You are the first line of defense for your Loop Account Security. Below are some guidelines to protect your account:1. Never provide your log-in Password to anyone. The CBA Loop reps will never ask for this information and you should NEVER share this with anyone.2. When you have completed your Loop session, always exit the Loop APP by clicking ‘Sign out’.3. Select a password that would not be easily guessed by others. This applies to the Loop card PIN too.4. Be careful with your Loop Account Log-In Password and Loop Card PIN. Do not write them down or maintain them in a place that is easily accessible.

      • Does it mean if someone knows my log in password they can transact on my account?

        Yes, Should you prefer an additional level of security, we have provided for a One Time Password (OTP), use it to sign off on all financial transactions and maintenance performed on the app. Use the account management option to set this and trust us to lock it down.

      • What happens if I do not log off of the Loop APP?

        The Loop application by default has a time-out feature. If the system is idle, you will automatically be disconnected.

      • How often will my password change?

        When you sign up for Loop, you will be required to set your access password. That will remain your Password unless you choose to change it using ‘’Change Your Password” function. However we recommend you change your password periodically for security purposes, but we will not prompt you to do so.

      • How safe/secure is the NCBA Loop application?

        NCBA Loop is a very secure Application, that not only guarantees you protection against fraudulent activities but also helps you manage your finances efficiently.

    • Help Queries

      • My password does not work/I forgot my password. What do I do?

        Click on the ‘’Forgot Password?’’ link and reset your password.
        Alternatively, you can reach any of our Loop Crew via the contacts provided
        and we will get you back on the Loop before you know it.
      • Do I have to visit a Loop store for help or if I have any queries?

        is not necessary. For queries and assistance, we have provided a help
        function in the app that should always be your 1st stop! Skim through the
        very detailed help information and if this does not answer your query, you
        can raise a ticket that will be attended to by any rep of our Loop crew
        before you know it.
        Should you wish to talk to us, call us anytime on 0709 714 444/0730 714
      • What if I forget my Loop Card PIN?

        I hope
        this never happens because we let you set a PIN you would easily remember.

        In the unlikely event you forget it, please visit a Loop Store and request
        for a replacement card that will be issued at a fee.
        Moral of the story; Always set a Loop card PIN that only you will remember.

      • How do I report a lost or stolen Loop Card?

        In case
        your card gets lost or stolen, log into the app as soon as possible and use
        the settings option on the
        Home Page to block your card immediately.
        Visit a Loop Store to obtain a replacement Loop Card at a fee.
    • How to Register and start transacting on Loop

      • How can I register for CBA Loop?

        Step 1; Download the CBA Loop Application from the app or playstore on your smart phone device. You can also register using our web link and complete your registration to start your journey of becoming a Looper.
        The 2 things to tripple check are captured correctly as you register are; – Your Mobile Number which will be used for all engagement and  – Your email address that will be your user log in as long as you are a Looper.We will also use these 2 channels to communicate important information.

        Step 2; If your information checks out, you can start Looping immediately! 
        Step 3; Visit any of our Loop outlets to collect your Loop card; we will be really glad to meet you in person!

      • What is a referral code?

        A referral code is a unique code generated from one’s Loop profile through the ‘Tell a Friend’ feature to invite a friend to register on Loop. When you spread the Loop love and share your unique Loop code with your friends to register and join the world of Loop, you stand a chance to get exciting rewards for your efforts to grow our fam. 

      • How can I request for a CBA Loop Card?

        Easy! Complete your registration to order for a card and view the available Loop store outlets that you can obtain your personalised card from. Visit any of our stores with the six-digit code you will receive via SMS and you will readily be assisted by our Loop agents to walk out with your passport to happiness in the Loop world.

      • Where are your Loop Stores located?

        You can visit any of our Loop stores at:

        Mana Ngina Loop Store                     International Life House, Mama Ngina Street
        Yaya Center Loop Store                    1st Floor. Yaya Centre, Kilimani
        Garden City Loop Store                    2nd Floor, Garden City Mall, Thika Road
        Buru Buru Loop Store                       1st Floor, The Point Mall, Buru Buru Phase 4
        Ongata Rongai Loop Store                Ground Floor Maasai Mall, Ongata Rongai

        Moi Avenue Loop Store                     CBA Building, Moi Avenue Street
        Nyali Centre Loop Store                    Ground Floor, Nyali Center, Links Road

        Kisumu Loop Store                            Mega Plaza Lower Ground Floor, Oginga Odinga Street

        CBA Branch Machakos Loop Desk       Mbolu Malu Road, Machakos Central Business District
        CBA Branch Eldoret Loop Desk           Zion Mall   Ground Floor, Zion Mall, Uganda Road
        NAKURU CBA Branch Nakuru Loop Desk           Kenyatta Avenue CBA Centre, Kenyatta Avenue Street

      • How do I load cash into my Loop current account?

        Paybill Top Up- From your Safaricom MPESA Paybill option, use Paybill 714777
        and input the Mobile Number of a registered Looper (yours or a recipient) as
        the Account Number to complete the transaction.

        2. A fellow Looper can easily transfer funds into your Account via the Send
        Money options available.

        3. Make a transfer from any other bank directly into your Loop Account via
        Pesalink, EFT or RTGS.

        4. Make a Cash Deposit at any of our CBA Branches or via our Cash Deposit
        Machines that are available at selected CBA Branches.

        We do not charge any fees for receiving funds into your Loop Account.

  • Loop Goals

    • General Enquiries

      • Is there a maximum loop goal limit?

        Yes. The Maximum loop goal limit is KES 999,999.

      • Is it possible to allow overdraft to pay for debit loop goal if my account has insufficient funds?

        Yes it is possible if you have activated an overdraft facility and the amount needed does not exceed the overdraft amount.

    • Loop Goal Set Up

      To create a Loop Goal:1. Click on the Loop goal widget to launch the Loop goals list then click the + button on the Loop Goal list page.2. Enter Goal Name – This field is to help you identify the goal.3. Goal Type – Each goal must be tied to a category to identify the type of goal. 4. Goal Amount – This is a mandatory field for you to fill in the amount for the goal.5. Start Date – This is an optional field. Should you choose not to give a start date – the current month and year is taken as the default. 6. Term of Goal – This is the period of meeting your goal.7. Initial Amount – This is an optional field. If you choose not to provide a start amount, this amount is set to 0. 8. Goal End Date 9. Regular Payment Data – This is the regular amount, Contribution Start Date, Frequency and selection of the funding account8. Save the goal by clicking on the save button.
      You will see a notification bar at the bottom of the screen that will show that the Goal has been added successfully. 

    • Loop Goal Top Up

      To top up a goal:
      1. Click on the loop goal widget to launch the loop goals list.2. Top up your preferred goal by selecting a goal on the Loop Goals list page.3. Select Goal Top up option from the vertical dots menu.4. You will then be prompted to key in a Top up Amount
      Once the top up transaction is complete, you will see a confirmation of the top up at the bottom of the screen and be prompted to finalize the transaction.
      From this page you will also be able to Edit or Delete your set up Loop Goal.

  • Loop Invest

    • General Enquiries

      • Can I top up my set investment funds time after time, for example on a monthly basis?

        For now, there is no option to top up on an already existing Investment. However you can create as many Investments as you prefer and manage them through the portfolio view.

      • What is the minimum/maximum amount of money that I can invest?

        The minimum amount you can invest is KES 1,000 while the maximum is KES 999,999.

      • What is the minimum/maximum tenure I can choose to invest?

        You can choose to invest for a period of 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months or 12 Months.

      • What interest pay outs are available?

        Your investment will earn an applicable interest rate that ranges from 7% to 8% depending on your investment tenure and break options you select while setting up your investment.

      • Is there any charge/processing fee levied for setting up a Loop Investment?

        There is no facility fee levied on setting up an investment; it is free of charge.

      • When will my interest amount be paid?

        Your interest will be paid at the end of the investment maturity period. You will be required to initiate the withdrawal request via the Loop app for funds to be availed in your Loop account. Once a withdrawal request is made, funds will be transferred into your account after 48 hours.

      • How will the maturity amount be transferred?

        We will transfer your investment amount plus any interest earned to maturity date into your Loop current account.

  • Loop Loans

    • Loop Personal Loan

      • What Loop Loans are available to Loopers?

        The following Loop Credit facilities are accessible to all registered Loopers:1. The Loop Loan – This is an unsecured  loan that is offered to Loopers based on their Loop account activity and credit history. Loop unsecured loans will extend to Loopers comfort of a hassle free loan application process; Simply apply in app! .2. Loop Overdraft – Access up to Kes. 100,000 with a Loop Overdraft whenever you need to access more than you have in your Loop Account.

      • What are the features of the Loop Loan?

        – Your loan limit is all data driven and is fully dependent on your Loop Activity as well as your credit history. – Simple Application process – no paperwork, no red tape and is instant! – Loop term loans will extend unsecured credit to Loopers from KES 50,000 to KES 3,000,000. – The repayment period will range from 6 month to 36 months – The applicable interest rate on Loop Loans will differ from Looper to Looper and will be determined by an individuals credit history rating and the tenor of the loan.

      • What do I need to do to access a Loop Loan?

        It is quite simple;
        1. Complete your registration on Loop by registering online and visiting a Loop Store near you to obtain your Loop Card.2. Make Loop your primary account and channel your salary or proceeds from your hustle through Loop and transact for at least 3 months.3. If you have a good credit history and we are happy with your activity on Loop, we will communicate to you your Loop Loan limit.

  • Management

    • My Profile

      To edit your Profile:
      1. Go to the navigation arrow at the top, right of the Hamburger Menu items and select ‘MY PROFILE’
      2. You will then be able to amend the editable fields shown on the screen

    • Tell a Friend

      Spread the loop love and share your unique loop code with your friends to register and join the world of loop. You stand a chance of getting exciting rewards for your efforts to grow our fam.

      How to easily share your loop code as you tell a friend?
      1. Go to the navigation arrow at the top, right of the Hamburger Menu items and select ‘TELL A FRIEND’
      2. Select Share
      3. Select method for sending the Referral code/web link generated then Share
      4. The recipient will receive a referral code which they can use to register on to Loop.

    • Sign Out

      To sign out of the Loop App:
      1. Go to the navigation arrow at the top, right of the Hamburger Menu items and select ‘SIGN OUT’
      2. Confirm that you would like to Sign out
      3. You will be automatically logged out of the Loop App upon confirmation

    • My Account

      Use this feature to manage your Loop Card.

      To amend/set your Card Limits:
      1. Go to the navigation arrow at the top, right of the Hamburger Menu items and select ‘MY ACCOUNT’
      2. Click on Edit
      3. Edit your preferred field/fields then ‘Confirm’

      To block/unblock your Loop Card:
      1. Go to the navigation arrow at the top, right of the Hamburger Menu items and select ‘MY ACCOUNT’
      2. Click on Block/Unblock
      3. Specify your reason for blocking/unblocking e.g Stolen, Damaged or Back into the country e.t.c

    • Preferences

      This feature gives you the freedom to choose how you would like us to send you your Transaction notifications. Choose your preferred mode of notification as In App, Email or SMS then confirm. You can also choose to activate One Time Password (OTP) as an additional security measure to authorize all your transactions.

    • Change Password

      To Change your Password:
      1. Go to the navigation arrow at the top, right of the Hamburger Menu items and select ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’
      2. Enter your Current Password
      3. Enter your New Password
      4. Confirm your New Password

  • Pay Bill

    • General Enquiries

      • Is Parking and Water Bill Payments via Loop only limited to Nairobi?

        For now, this is limited to Nairobi however we are eager to roll out to all counties that have digitized their collections. 

      • My monthly bill is standard, can I make a standing order to have it settled automatically?

        Yes. Loop offers you this convenience; using the Debit Orders widget on the Loop app menu, set up your regular bill payment to avoid missed due dates and late fees.

      • How much will I be charged to settle my bill using the Loop Pay Bill?

        You will be charged a transaction fee of KES 44 inclusive of excise duty.

    • Pay Bill

      Use the Top Billers Loop feature to Pay for DSTV, GOTV, Water Bills and other monthly bills. 
      Tip: If it is a standard amount every month, you can opt to set up a Debit Order to avoid interruptions, late fees and missed due dates. 
      To make a utility payment:1. Go to the Payments Menu2. Select ‘Pay Bills’3. Select the the business name from the list provided or use the search function to find your biller of choice4. Loop will automatically display any outstanding bill amount with the biller. You can however enter the transaction amount you would like to remit.5. Select ‘Confirm’ to verify the Transaction details and complete payment.6. IF you have set up use of a One Time Password (OTP) in your account management, confirm your payment by keying in the password received to authorise the transaction.

  • Personal Financial Management

    • General Enquiries

      • When you have money in and out on the same day, which color will show in the financial calendar?

        If there has been an inflow and outflow of cash from your account the financial calendar will indicate a green colour.

      • What are the colors at the bottom of the financial calendar for?

        The red colour indicates money spent while the blue colour indicates an income to your Loop account.

    • Analysis

      The Analysis widget displays your overall expenses and income in the selected time range, according to categories with an option to drill down to a category and view spend by sub category.
      We will represent this information for you in a simple graphical display by default upon entry on the landing page of the App/Web and that will be an eye opener get the full picture of your expenses and income throughout the month.
      As a looper, our aim is to equip you with the information you need to either keep at your controlled spending or slow you in your tracks if you are blowing money too fast and take control. It is possible with loop and PFM.

    • Accounts

      The PFM accounts summary offers a consolidated view of all Loop current account, debit card and products that have been sent to the PFM database, as well as showing the details of the Cash Account and the external aggregation accounts.

    • OK-to-Spend

      The OK-to-Spend PFM widget indicates the amount of money one has availed themselves to spend without harming their budget. It provides a header with the Balance account and Current Month Cash Flow amounts updated. Each of these components are compute forecasted payments (in and out) that come from three different sources:
      • Automatically detected patterns from regular payments over the months.• Manually entered patterns by the user.• Automatic payments managed by the bank which requires the bank to send regular payments i.e. Debit Orders. 
      The widget will display a breakdown of the amounts in categories of Spent, Safe to Spend and Scheduled.

    • Cash Flow

      The Cash Flow Widget is a read-only mini module that will display your monthly cash flows of the past 3 months broken down into debit and credit.

    • Budgeting

      The budgeting module is such a powerful tool to create discipline in your spend by making you aware of your current month discretionary spending, and helps you to stay within limits. 
      This is displayed in a bar that is able to show you your budget progress against today’s date that will always be represented by a moving vertical line to visually keep your spending in check. 
      This Personal Financial Management feature is important as it is created to curb expenses within categories or subcategories and keep you in the know at all times in order to make sound decisions with your money.
      Your budget will have 3 different status:• Safe (Green): You will be considered safe if the amount you have spent is within the proportional budget limit: e.g. 15 days into the month, only half of the budget should be spent to remain safe.• Danger (Amber): More money has been spent on a category than proportionally allowed, but still within the end-of month budget.• Over (Red): Once the total of category’s expenses exceed the budget allocated, we will let you know all is not well.

    • Net-Worth

      The Net-worth module helps you construct a complete insight of your net-worth as a basis to help with impactful financial decisions (Tax, property decisions, pension plans, etc.)This Widget summarizes assets and liabilities, including both proprietary and 3rd party products. Both assets and liabilities can be broken down into classes, such as savings, property, loans and a mortgage. It allows you to compare the development of net-worth over time.

    • Calendar

      Do you spend too much immediately your paycheck is in and remain with no activity as you get closer to the next payday? The Financial Calendar will help keep you in check by creating a heat map of your previous and future payments out and receipts to easily pick out your spend patterns. 
      In addition it acts as reminder by notifying you of upcoming bills or unexpected outliers in your expenses hence protects you from erroneous payments.
      All your transaction records will be displayed in such an intuitive calendar lay-out, you are going to see your finances through a clearer lens.

    • Operations

      To make sense of all your cash in and cash out, it is important to categorise all transactions. This mini module displays your number of total transactions, categorised, uncategorised and percentage of uncategorised transactions to activate you to complete categorisation of your transactions.
      Get into the habit of categorising every single coin spent to optimize and reap the benefit of better PFM to plan, track and remain fully aware of your financial situation.
      This information will be displayed over a period of time usually the current month.

    • Community

      Community widget deploys all your income and expense categories and compares them to the same categories of other peers.
      It allows you to anonymously compare your spending patterns with any chosen segments to fellow bank customers and enable you to see how you are doing compared to your peers.It will graphically show you how your income and spending stacks up against others in spending brackets in categories such as transport, bills and utilities, home and living, food and dining

  • Send Money

    • General Enquiries

      • Can I transfer money from my NCBA Account to NCBA Loop?

        Yes. You can send money from your NCBA Account to your NCBA Loop account using Mobile Banking and Internet Banking platforms.

      • How much will it cost to Send Money?

        You will be charged the below transaction fees inclusive of excise duty to send money on Loop via various channels. The transaction fees will be displayed below the Send Money option you select.

      • How much money can I send on Loop?

        The maximum amount you can transfer on Loop is KES 999,999. However this will be determined by your Loop account balance at any given time.

      • How long will it take before funds are reflected in the recipient’s account after I send it?

        Sending money from your Loop account to a fellow Looper is near real-time and the funds will be reflected in the recipient’s account almost immediately after transaction. RTGS transactions: Funds will be availed into the recipient’s account on the same day, however if a transaction is performed after 1500hours recipient’s account will be funded on the next working day.
        EFT transactions: Funds will be available in the recipient’s account on the next working day.

      • Can I cancel my send money transfer on Loop?

        You may be able to cancel your send money transaction if you have not confirmed to commit the transaction via the Loop app. To avoid sending money to unintended recipients, be sure of your transaction details before confirming it.

      • What if I enter an incorrect mobile number or account number for the receiver?

        Funds are transferred based on the mobile number and account number provided. To be sure that your money is transferred to the intended receiver, you MUST be sure to provide the correct mobile phone number or account number.

      • In which currency can I transfer my funds?

        All Loop money transfers are done in the Kenyan Shilling (KES) local currency. 

  • Statements

    • General Enquiries

      • How much will I be charged to generate my account Statement?

        Loop e-statements are free of charge.

      • What types of accounts are e-statements available for?

        The Loop ‘Statement’ feature will allow you to view and generate Loop current account and loan account transaction records.

      • After enrollment on to Loop, when will I receive my first e-statement?

        Your e-statement generation is based on a personal request; you can generate your e-statement as soon as you begin transacting on Loop. However, we shall not send you periodic Loop e-statements.

      • How far back can I view my e-statement?

        The power is in your hands! You can choose the “start date’ you prefer from the drop down list provided to generate your e-statement. Your generated statement will bear all the transaction records of the period selected.

      • How can I change the e-mail address that my e-statement notification is sent to?

        You will not be able to change your email address as this is your user name used during Sign-In and all your notifications will be sent to the email address you provided during Account Opening.

    • Statements

      The Statements feature allows you to access your Loop Current Account transaction records over a specified period of time.

      To generate your statement:
      1. Go to the Hamburger Menu
      2. Select ‘Statement’ widget
      3. Then “Generate Statement”
      4. A display screen will open up with your Account name, account number and account balance.
      4. Proceed to select your preferred range of transaction dates then click “Generate Statement”
      5. If you are making this request from the app, your statement will be sent to your registered email address. If you make the request from the web, the statement will be displayed in the bottom split screen for your review. If you would like to have this sent to your email address click on the generate statement tab a second time and it will be done.