Let’s get you started 

Welcome to the rewarding world of NCBA Loop, the fully digital banking service that helps you manage your money better anytime. Once you have registered, here’s how to Load money;

  1. Via the Loop PayBill Number 714777 – Use your phone number as the account number.
  2. Get a fellow Looper to ‘loop’ you free of charge with the Loop to Loop option.
  3. Transfer from any other bank directly into your Loop Account via Pesalink, EFT or RTGS.
  4. Make a Cash Deposit at any NCBA Branch.
  5. Via our Cash Deposit Machines that are available at selected NCBA Branches.

What is NCBA Loop?


Device authorization

Smart Loans without the fuss

Get term loans and overdrafts without seeing or talking to anyone. Channel your income and transactions consistently through Loop and let your data make the decision.  It’s that simple.

Find out how to increase your loan limit.
Loan Calculator

Simply the best way to Pay

No need to move your money anywhere else, make all your payments right here. Pay to Loop, to Mobile Money or to any Bank.  Pay your bills or pay a merchant via Pay Bill, Till or with a Loop card. Keep it all in the Loop.

Transact and Track as you go

Ever wondered where your money goes? Loop saves you the hassle of trying to reconcile your receipts every month.  Analyse your income and spending and know where you stand financially, so you’re always one step ahead.   Take it up a notch and compare yourself against your peers so you can challenge yourself to do better.

Hit your goals with greater certainty

We give you the tools to build your dreams. Set up a Loop invest or Loop goal and watch your money grow. A monthly budget will keep you in check to get you to the place you want to be. Moreover, you can get free financial advice to turn your passion to an enterprise through PassionEnt. Start growing your future today with any of the below options.

Loop Invest

Loop Goals



Need a little Help getting around Loop?

There’s a whole world of Loop to explore but if you ever find getting around a bit tricky, you could either get answers to your questions from the Help Corner on your App, raise a ticket to our Loop Crew or call us directly on 0709714000